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Sight Reading for AMEB Exams

Sight reading is a significant part of the marks for AMEB exams but is often neglected.

Practicing just 5 minutes a day with Sight Reading Secrets is like dedicating a whole piano lesson per week to mastering sight reading.

Build confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of achievement in your child.

Our guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied you can get your money back (and you can keep the book).

The number of students that don’t observe the key signature just amazes me! They keep ignoring the key signature, and wince every time they play a B instead of a Bb, but keep making the same mistake again and again...
The very highest level of sight playing is not only getting the notation correct, but also the rhythm, articulation, phrasing and expression. Every now and then you see a student who can do that, but it’s very rare. That’s the student who gets an A+.

– Peter Hurley, AMEB Examiner

Rebecca Stewart, a passionate and experienced piano teacher in regional NSW, has been awarded seed funding from the Bega Valley Business Boost program for her new educational initiative. Through the Imagination Regeneration Project, children will enjoy meaningful learning opportunities in musical improvisation, composition and performance, creating original musical works to facilitate expressing themselves following a period of trauma and being isolated.